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Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Tue Oct 23 11:00:49 EDT 2007

It also could have simply been propagation, many things can cause that as 
well as "forgetting" to power down or changing the antenna pattern at night. 
AM BCB propagation can change from night to night as do the ham bands which 
is what can make BCB DX'ing interesting.


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bob_mcclly at yahoo.com writes:

>Last night I was tuned to WKBN 570 A.M. which at one time had a 50 plus 
>mile range when I was treated to a Spanish speaking station from who knows 
>where. At the time I was within ten miles of the WKBN transmitter. I wonder
>they will foul up next?   Bob  AB8OP

That could have been a station that had failed to switch to its night-time
power and/or antenna pattern.  I've been running into that problem more and 
over that past ten years or so.  All bets are off when stations don't play 
the rules.

Steve WD8DAS

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