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SBJohnston at aol.com SBJohnston at aol.com
Wed Oct 24 16:04:25 EDT 2007

Various wrote:

>What chart are you looking at?? On 40 meters,
>CW is allowed from 7000 to 7300 KHz    
>Steve - Please show me where it states this.

I am referring to the new IARU Region 2 bandplan section for 40m.  I should not have used the word "allowed" - sorry about that, that was too strong.  But my point is that the bandplan expects CW to happen in the lower 30 kHz of 40m, rather than the lower 150 kHz as has been the case for some time.

Perhaps my posts on this topic are unwelcome - I certainly have received a lot of hate-mail and name-calling off-list about it.  I guess I haven't learned - I keep getting surprised by hams.  I keep mistakenly thinking they are all my friends, or at least open to a discussion.

I apologize if my concern about this has splashed over onto those who don't care, or support the bandplan.  I thought it was important enough have a discussion about it before it happens, especially here on a couple mailing lists for people interested in vintage equipment and modes.

I certainly hope it comes to nothing.  But I suspect this bandplan will become a source of friction and upset among hams in the years to come. 

One final point:  Compare the old IARU Region 2 bandplan from 1988


to the new one 


and notice how the current one matches much better how we use the bands now, and how the new one is very different.

Steve WD8DAS

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