[AMRadio] Re: IARU bandplan

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Wed Oct 24 21:10:14 EDT 2007

Now, let me put this all into perspective. Here is the exception posted at 
the bottom of the 'Band Plan':
*) DSB AM phone allowed in this segment with a maximum bandwidth of 6 kHz.

Ok, now this is where the exceptions occur:



29000-29300Mhz where AM is the "prefered" band.

Everywhere else where it list "All Modes" it is with a max bandwidth of 
2700Khz. No 40M; no 15M nada! I don't know of any AM transmitter that has 
that narrow  bandwidth. So to put it bluntly, we are sucking hind tit! There 
isn't any interpretation or color here. This is the bandplan plain and 
simple. Now, why do I think we are being told that the dinner I'm going to 
eat is a porterhouse steak, when in all reality its a cold turd and a slimey 


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