[AMRadio] Rinaldo sore about AM?

Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Thu Oct 25 12:26:32 EDT 2007

I have written to Ramon directly via e-mail a few times in the past few 
days, here are his first and second responses:
(sorry about the long messages)

(I have just questioned him on the lower bands we use here [160, 75 and 
40M], he hasn't replied yet, I'll also post that.)


#2 response:

Hello Bob,

About the bandwidth there is also a big misunderstanding.

If you look carefully at the band plan there is an asterisk (*) after the
2700 on the 40, 20 and 10 meter segments where we are suggesting AM.
At the bottom of the band plan there is a foot note about it that reads:

*) DSB AM phone allowed in this segment with a maximum bandwidth of 6 kHz.

That has been there since we put the plan on the net but people seems not to
read it carefully. You can review the band pan here:

There may be the case of someone wanting to use more bandwidth.  We feel 6
kHz is what is need it for DSB AM.  Same thing happens with power usually
the administrations will allow 1.5 kilowatts but some people want more.
There should be a reasonable limit in the benefit of the rest. I hope you
get my point.

Fine about Peru, it is a beautiful country indeed. Cuzco and Machu Pichu are
one of its kind and not to mention the delicious Ceviche and the colorful
Inca Cola.

Thanks for your interest in the band plan.  If there are more questions to
answer for you or your fellow AMers please let me know.


Ramon Santoyo V., XE1KK (also WT2T and VA7UU)
Secretary - IARU Region 2

#1 response:

Hello Robert,

Thanks for your email.  I will try to explain what we do at IARU Region 2
with the band plan.

1) The IARU Region 2 band plan is a guide to Member Societies and operators
in this region which consists of North, South and Central America.

2) The band plan tries to harmonize the use of the bands between different
countries and with the rest of the world (Region 1 and Region 3). In Brazil,
when we work on this one, 20 countries participate on making it.

3) The band plan it's *NOT* mandatory. Local administrations (FCC for you,
COFETEL for me, Industry Canada for the Canadians, etc.) give their amateurs
their own band plan and *that is the one you have to follow*. What the IARU
Region 2 tries is to harmonize the use of the bands between different
countries and with the rest of the world so your administration won't do
something absolutely opposed to what other will do or vice versa.  This is
why the IARU Region 2 Band Plan is important.

4) There has never been an AM calling window for 40, 80 or 160m on IARU
Region 2 band plan. Please visit and review the current band plan, good
since 1998, at:
http://www.iaru-regionii.org/Region_2_HF_Band_Plan.html  I guess you are
looking in the FCC band plan which is the one you have to follow, but not
the rest of us.

5) In the new IARU Region 2 band plan there are windows for AM on 40, 20 and
10 meters because, as you very well say so, there are AM operators and we
are aware of that (I am one of them!). From my personal perspective the
situation of AM operator is better now that it was in the past for countries
in IARU Region 2.  You can review the new band plan here:

6) There are 3 centers of activity for emergencies on the 40 meter band
because not all countries can operate in the same segments.  I suggest you
wait to see if the FCC decides to have a new band plan and if they decide to
use all, some or none of the suggested frequencies.  In the past you in the
US have had different emergency frequencies that the rest of the continent
so I think is better to wait and see what the FCC decides.

Please let me know if this clarifies why the band plan is like it is.  If
not I will be happy to answer your questions.

In the mean time I hope to work you on AM.  I am active on 10 AM on some
weekends and I have proudly worked all continents on that mode. Conditions
on 10 are coming back so one day we may QSO.


Ramon Santoyo V., XE1KK (also WT2T and VA7UU)
Secretary - IARU Region 2

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What happened to the AM calling windows on 1885, 3885, and especially 7290
which is now an emergency frequency?? I am on 7290 quite a bit on AM. You
must realize that here in the US AM is big and getting bigger all the time?



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I wonder if you could elaborate as to why you think
Rinaldo considers AM a "sore point."

Clearly, the AM community has led the way for many
years when it comes to voluntary coordination to
minimize friction with incompatible modes.

I am sure most of us want to support an IARU voluntary
band plan that, in turn, provides for our activities
and the mode of AM.

Next time you have the chance, ask about his role in
protecting AM in the band planning that took place in
Brazil, which led to the controversy the League's
people caused.


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Hi Paul,

AM wasn't the sore point, the AM issue with bandwidth worries was the sore
point.  He made such a face as he said that it wasn't
going to mean a thing.  It wasn't an "I don't care" face, it was "It don't 
squaaaaaat."  I felt that I had to reassure him that
I wasn't attacking him, and I have to think that he saw the e-mails he got 
attacks.  And I have no doubt that a few got pretty
spicy.  Hence it was a sore spot, or at least it seemed that way to me.

I worry when any higher-up isn't worried as I am, and I do worry about this.
But I don't feel that he would just blow me off and
let it all turn in to lies, and not care.  I believe that he believes that 
will not be affected by the recommendations.  And as
usual I hope that the higher-up is right.  In this case the higher-up is not 
parent or a boss, it's someone in a position of some
authority who knows a lot more than I do about the subject at hand.

I won't see him for weeks until he comes back from Switzerland.  I could ask 
about the AM planning in Brazil then.  I know
nothing about that.

   Bacon, WA3WDR

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