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You must mean Low Band, Bob. The 30-50 mHz band. Here in TN some much public
safety stuff is being moved up to UHF when in fact they need to keep it on
low band to get the signals up and over and around these hills. I have heard
those stories about that fantastic sunspot cycle. All since have been
disappointments for the most part.
                                                           Joe W4AAB(who was
4 in 1957)
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Bob and all...I remember back in 1958 that we had a CD Unit in Bangor,
Maine and we all had 10 Watt
transmitters on 29.520 and we would have a transmitter hunt every
Wednesday night. Many times guys from Australia, New Zeeland and other
countries would break in for signal reports and say they could copy our
hidden transmitter better then we could. One of our group owned a home
oil delivery company using High Band and he would dispatch trucks in
Australia and they would dispatch trucks in Maine...

Ahhhh the good old days  HI

Bob W1PE

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Do I remember correctly.

During the HOT TIME in 1957/58 people in the States were working
Austraila on 10M with low power transmitter. gennerally 25w or less.

That was also the period of the first Class D CB service. And even CBers
were working Austrailia on 5W.

At that time 10M was a common mobile band so lower power transmitter
were also common.

Do I remember that in that peroiod that high power transmitters were not
common on 15M and 10M. Remember, those were the days before the high
power linears that became popular in the 60's.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
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