[AMRadio] IARU counter-campaign?

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 31 11:12:26 EST 2007

My own belief is that the IARU Region 2 Band Plan should conform as closely
as possible with the RAC Draft HF Band Plan (July 8, 2007) taking into
account specific countries' regulations.


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Several of us are working up a possible shotgun
approach to contact key players and ask for further
revisions in the IARU Region 2 Band Plan.

An outgoing email or posting would present the problem
to AMers and our supporters.  The same email would
advocate taking action along certain key points to be

Please post or send directly to me your suggestions
for this upcoming effort. Details are still coming

This will require a rapid turn-around because the
Region 2 committee is already making revisions ahead
of the January start date for this voluntary plan.

Thanks for investing some of your time.

202 841 3208/vmail

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