[AMRadio] Conditioner

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Sep 1 15:25:14 EDT 2007


I have no idea where to locate the stuff, but please, let me know if you
find it.  I have a couple of items here that could sure use that treatment.


Thanks to all who responded with suggestions thus far.  The 
story goes, I have a WRL VFO that uses a flat sided rubber 
wheel to drive another which drives a big bakelite wheel on 
the variable cap.  Needless to say one of the rubber wheels 
has a flat spot on it and, more than anything, it is just 
plain irritating.  In years past I worked for radio station 
that used the venerable Gates turntables with the geared 
capstan that drove the table.  When left in gear, the 
capstan would quickly develop a flat spot and the station 
engineer (most times me) would remove the capstan and soak 
it in a substance that would penetrate and allow the 
Neoprene to resume its round shape.  That is the kind of 
problem I have with this Neoprene wheel.

So putting on my thinking cap, I remembered that 
transmission treatment fluid contains a treatment for the 
Neoprene seals in transmissions.  But, being afraid that the 
other stuff in it might ruin the rubber, I opted to ask this 
assemblage to see if  the substance Ronnie mentioned is 
still available.  I am going to try Jim Candala's 
suggestion, Belt and Drive Non-Slip, first.  If it doesn't 
work, I am in for a trip to the auto parts store and hope 
the kind I decide to buy really does work.



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