[AMRadio] Top Band

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Sep 2 19:42:59 EDT 2007

Thanks Jim.  I hope it will be sooner than later. It's been a battle, but
lots of fun getting the old GE going.  I'm not completely out of the woods
with it yet, but close.  I think I'll try 1885 kc and 1915 kc.  I should be
able to tune those two without having to rest coil taps, neutralization,
etc.  Soon as I get the ovens I'll order the crystals.  The transmitter only
puts out 250 - 275 watts, but that should do okay.  I am clearing the way
for my HyTower vertical with the 160 meter stinger, so that should work well
if I can get some radials down. Thanks again fro the info.  I look forward
to talking to all you guys.

Hey Brian, what frequency are you planning on?


Well, well we may hear you on the air huh, Rick?

On 160 there is a group, mostly along and near the Eastern 
Seaboard on 1.885.  There is also some activity on 1.980 and 
1.985 which will include some 8s,9s, and 4s.

In the 5 land area not many people are active on 160 for 
some reason.  I hope you join WD5BNA, W5TOP, KA5RHK, KC9VF 
and myself on the Top Band AM.  There is a group of mostly 
0s and some 7s on 1.915.  That is where I stay most of the 
time since I have a hard time hearing many of the guys on 
the East Coast because of their antenna issues.  Many of 
them have dipoles quite low and that doesn't do much for me 
here in the mid-USA.  On 1.915 you should hear Arne/K0AS, 
Dewey/W0ZUS around 9 PM most nights.  They will be joined by 
a couple of Canadian brethren, and several others in the 
North county.

There are some mid-West stations (SSB of course) on 1.918 
and 1.913 which can cause some trouble depending on 
conditions.  There also is a group of SSBers along the AR, 
OK, TX, LA border who run lots of power that use 1.990 or 
thereabouts.  It makes 1.985 almost useless for me.

Brian/WA5AM should be on this year with his Gates, so that 
will make a few.  I had hoped more guys would migrate up to 
the Top Band, but that hasn't happened .

I do suggest you put up a GOOD antenna for the GE and with 
that power plus a good receive situation, you should do real 

The choices are yours.  I use my GK 500A with about 350 
watts and can move up and down the band quite easily so if I 
hear you, I will call and you do the same.


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