[AMRadio] Amfone.net and the AM Reflector!

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Wed Sep 5 12:38:17 EDT 2007

On 9/5/07, Peter Markavage <manualman at juno.com> wrote:
> On the lighter side, with the recent addition of more "robust" SPAM type
> filters running on qsl/qth.net reflectors, and the increase in the number
> of bounced messages, is there any thought to moving this mailing list to
> the hosting service that supports amfone.net?

We would certainly need to find out if they would allow the load.
When I did that several months ago, turned out my host would only
allow a minimum number of emails distributed each day.  Considering
the list has about 300 active email recipients.  One post is sent to
300, then each reply, then another reply, and on and on.  Turned out
the load was more than they would allow.  Needless to say, I was
pretty miffed, but nothing could be done.

One thing we don't want to do is get on with some list service that
will allow the load, but wants to stick ads in every email.  We've
never had ads, and I'd like to keep it that way.  If we could get
donations for the cost of an estimated load, I could pay more and get
a private list server going for us just like we have now.  If all the
members would donate $2 a year, I'm sure we could get our own list
server right off.

Thanks for the ideas Pete!

Brian / wa5am

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