[AMRadio] Amfone.net and the AM Reflector!

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 5 13:11:52 EDT 2007

The last straw at the old AM Window, was when some French hacker hacked the
site and took it over.  It took a few days for Steve to regain control, but
he threw in the towel at that point (this being after months of abuse by
trolls,  spammers  and other abusers).

I still chuckle over Al, W1UX's  riposte to the hacker.  A rude remark,
having to do with an anatomically impossible act,  said En Français!   I'd
repeat it here, but those of you who speak French might be offended. ;-)  Or
not, knowing this bunch!  ;-D


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