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Wed Sep 5 13:46:03 EDT 2007

On 9/5/07, D. Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:
> I think you are correct, if you are talking about a rotatable link inside
> the main coil.  Some adjustable links swing in and out of the coil, and
> remain "lined up vertically".
> With rotary link, maximum coupling would look something like this: |||| ||
> ||||
> Minimum coupling would look like this:  |||| = ||||
> Except that the gap in the stationary coil would be smaller, and the  link
> coil would extend inside both sections of the  stationary coil.
This brings up a thought I've had about link coupled tuners, of which I use.

Of course I feed the 50 ohm coax to the link.  The center to one side
of the link and the shield (ground) to the other.  What effect does
the "link position" have on a tuner?  I suspect the link position
(mine is rotatable) would affect the matching impedance to the coax?

Brian / wa5am

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