[AMRadio] Internet issues over Holiday weekend

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 18:18:17 EDT 2007

rbethman wrote:
> However, I do NOT believe that the DNS, Name Servers, were hacked - 
> NOR do I believe that it was a DOS, (Denial Of Service), issue.  It 
> appeared that a "High" level DNServer was having either a "hiccup", or 
> some significant "zone Transfers" didn't happen, take effect, or were 
> corrupted.
> I've run DNS for a system with 131 sites throughout the country.  I 
> was also one of six Sysadmins/Mail Admins that handles the "backbone" 
> servers for some very strategic systems.
> It was a bit "strange" in its occurrence.
> It did finally clear up and ALL is well.

What's odd about it, to me, is that I downloaded and installed updates 
for my Linux system, and when the config script did it's thing, I had no 
contact with the outside world, except through numerical ip addressing.  
names weren't resolving.

Turns out, in my case, that 'named' and 'bind' were acting 'strange'. 

So, I killed the named.pid, stopped bind and named service, restarted 
named (which restarted bind) and I was back to seeing the outside world, 

Now that you've said that there was a DNS problem, Bob(s), I wonder if 
my update hiccup shared any commonality with whichever other high-level 
dns server that hiccuped?

Regardless, mail is flowing again. 

Brian, are arrl.net addresses still being bounced?


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