[AMRadio] Internet issues over Holiday weekend

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Sep 5 19:32:48 EDT 2007


It WAS definitely "very" odd.  I'd say that the commonality incidence is 
VERY high.

I'm sort of anal when it comes to networks.  I've too many years doing 
that line of work.  I spent from 1989 until 2002 in the world of 
Sysadmin, mail administrator/postmaster, and network "geek" for lack of 
a better term.  I used to work with carriers, get dedicated digital 
lines - X.25, HDLC, and others put in.  I set up an experimental network 
under Govt auspices, on their premises.

That's why to this day I just go into auto mode when I see "things" 
aren't right.

This was one of those times.

Ah yes, PIDs, named, bind, dns, (port 53<g>), sendmail.  Been there done 
that - no stinkin' T-shirt!  AIX, BSD, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX - in 
ad nauseum!

I'm sure GLAD I do not watch twelve different screens all the time, 
banging on a keyboard!

It is all well for the time being.  At least until the rodent passes gas 
in the wrong place!

Bob - N0DGN

> rbethman wrote:
>> However, I do NOT believe that the DNS, Name Servers, were hacked - 
>> NOR do I believe that it was a DOS, (Denial Of Service), issue.  It 
>> appeared that a "High" level DNServer was having either a "hiccup", 
>> or some significant "zone Transfers" didn't happen, take effect, or 
>> were corrupted.
>> I've run DNS for a system with 131 sites throughout the country.  I 
>> was also one of six Sysadmins/Mail Admins that handles the "backbone" 
>> servers for some very strategic systems.
>> It was a bit "strange" in its occurrence.
>> It did finally clear up and ALL is well.
> What's odd about it, to me, is that I downloaded and installed updates 
> for my Linux system, and when the config script did it's thing, I had 
> no contact with the outside world, except through numerical ip 
> addressing.  names weren't resolving.
> Turns out, in my case, that 'named' and 'bind' were acting 'strange'.
> So, I killed the named.pid, stopped bind and named service, restarted 
> named (which restarted bind) and I was back to seeing the outside 
> world, again.
> Now that you've said that there was a DNS problem, Bob(s), I wonder if 
> my update hiccup shared any commonality with whichever other 
> high-level dns server that hiccuped?
> Regardless, mail is flowing again.
> Brian, are arrl.net addresses still being bounced?

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