[AMRadio] Resistors

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Sep 8 07:00:45 EDT 2007

Here we go again!! This was hashed out recently on several 
e-mail groups and on QRZ.com after I offered some large 
power resistors for sale there. Kind of amusing subject though...

Yes, Rick, that is correct. Think of the resistor as a heat 
dissipating device (it is one!)

4 identical resistors can dissipate 4 times as much heat as 
one individual resistor can.
The relationship between heat and watts is linear. That is where 
the watts go - they become heat.

Some guys get confused by the math, but it is VERY logical to 
me,  that no matter HOW you connect them, IF the load
is shared equally among the resistors in a resistive load, THEN
the total maximum power rating is equal to the sum of all the 
resistors' individual power ratings. This OF COURSE assumes 
that the resistors all have the exact same resistance and
power ratings individually.

Anyone who disagrees with this is barking up the wrong tree!

> Please, verify my thinking, again!
> I need a 39K @ 2 watt resistor.  I don't have a 2 watt, but I have 4 - 1/2
> watters.  If I parallel two then series the pair I'll have my 39K, but will
> I have my 2 watts?  I say yes, but...
> Someone set me straight..  Am I right?
> Rick/K5IAR
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