[AMRadio] Audio Warble?

Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Thu Sep 13 01:13:08 EDT 2007

I listened to your audio clip.  It really sounds to me like all your FX 
units are fighting each other to some degree.  Example:  I can tell you 
have a fair amount of de-essing set on your VX2000, you also have a good 
amount of high-mid and high EQ set on your PEQ-2200.  This in itself 
creates a small amount of compression in those frequency ranges as they 
oppose each other in the different units.  This also muddies up the 
sound as one unit tries to cancel the effects of the other.  The 
complete opposite of what you wanted to achieve, no doubt.  Then there's 
the matter of the EX-3200 AND the Alesis Compressor.  They pretty much 
duplicate the stages included in your mic processor.

I've been a broadcast engineer for more than half my life and I've set 
up a lot of audio processing for production studios, FM transmitters, 
and AM transmitters.  The best way to set ANY processing is one step at 
a time.  Follow the manufacturer's suggested starting points.  I'm 
actually a Behringer fan and have used quite a bit of Behringer 
equipment.  Most everyone that bad-mouths Behringer does it out of 
ignorance.  They haven't read the book.  Behringer stuff will do an 
outstanding job for you IF you read the book first.  They made the 
stuff, they can sure tell you how to make it work.  Same goes with 
anybody else's products.  See what they say and then experiment on your 
own from there.

So, follow the book's recommendations for basic setup and then spend a 
while fine-tuning each parameter.  When you are satisfied with your mic 
proc, sparingly add one of the other units and play with it for a 
while.  I'm betting you won't be able to improve things much over what 
you get with your mic proc since it is an "all-in-one" processor.  The 
"warble" you mentioned is introduced early on in the mic proc.  If you 
follow the book's recommendations and still get no satisfaction, yank it 
out altogether and use just your mixer and your compressor by 
themselves.  It may be that the mic proc has a problem.  Whatever you 
do, resist the urge to cascade the two sides of your stereo units.  
Also, the surround proc setting will be of no use since you're not 
processing a stereo signal.  It will introduce some funky junk you won't 

Add stages only if they produce a desirable result.  Otherwise leave 
them out altogether.  Less IS more.  Really!  Let us know what you discover.

Best Regards,
Stevan A. White, W5SAW
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Bow wrote:
> OK.. I was playing around with my Icom IC-718 and the audio setup that I
> normally run for SSB.
> I was playing around with AM, because I have never used it for AM before,
> and recording the audio, because someone on an internet forum actually said
> the outboard processing is a waste on AM... (HUH?!?!?)
> Any way, I noticed this warble in the audio... Anyone have an idea of what
> it is?
> I'm running:
> MXL V57M Condenser Mic
> Behringer VX2000 Mic Preamp
> Behringer PEQ-2200 5 Band Parametric EQ
> Behringer EX-3200 Ultrafex Pro
> Alesis Compressor
> Behringer Mixer
> Then to the transmitter.
> The audio is injected through the ACC jack in the rear of the radio.
> >From just the Mic and Transmitter to the full rack, turned on one-by-one
> http://www.riley-music.com/BowsStuff/BlackFace/718AMRackSample.mp3
> The power setting was on the lowest setting and I was transmitting into a
> dummy load. The warble was also there on a low power on-Air check... But not
> while using SSB mode.
> Help?
> Bow
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