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Thu Sep 13 13:31:19 EDT 2007

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Subject: [AMRadio] capacitors
Date: Thu, September 13, 2007 10:52
From: "Rick Brashear" <rickbras at airmail.net>

> What is the general consensus here on the reflector as to which type of
> capacitor should be used in place of the old molded mica capacitors?

If it's really a mica, I'd replace it with a silver mica, or if you need a
voltage rating beyond 500V, use a "snubber capacitor" (which I THINK is a
silver-mica, made by Cornell-Dublier, sold by Mouser. Usual disclaimers

If it's one of those mica look-alike wannabes, but really a wax-paber
capacitor (typically vales .01uF and above), replace it with a mylar cap.


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