[AMRadio] Can You Believe It? Johnson 500

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 05:18:55 EDT 2007

uvcm inc. wrote:
> Had it sold it, 
> Sold my KW1 for $20,000 cash what a over priced joke
>  Look at my site see some of the other rigs www.bta5f.org
> brad

I was gonna say... I knew of some KW-1's that went -mighty- expensive.  
I guess, to some, that is still the 'dream rig', and to be honest, the 
KW-1 didn't sound half as good as everyone tried to make 'em out to be.  
The audio is so restrictive, is sounds like you're using a narrow-mode 
telephone line.

Ed/WA3PUN had one (What ever happened to Uncle Ed?)
Darrell/WA5VGO and Mike/(then)W5FZ and Lee/W0VT each had one, with 
Darrell and Mike coming to San Antonio and getting the KW-1 Prototype, 
completed re-building it, and put it on the air.  I believe one of them 
also had Serial Number: 1 amongst them, as well.

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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