[AMRadio] Can You Believe It? Johnson 500 / Collins 30K

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I have two and one is for sale.

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> Hi Ellen,
> Well, in some folk's opinion a 30K is not worth $4K.  Actually, it may be 
> worth much more than that.  I know of another one in "5-land" that is 
> being listed (with a 75A-1 receiver) for $12K!!!  It's like everything 
> else....it is what someone is willing to pay for it that sets the value. 
> Does that make them foolish?....Maybe so, but if they have the money and 
> want it bad enough, they will pay the price.  Just like a 1957 Chevy that 
> once sold for $2500 may now be worth $30,000.
> The 30K series are very nice transmitters and Collins didn't make very 
> many of them,  so they have become quite "rare" and, consequently 
> valuable.  The 30K-1 is the ham band version and it is the rarest and 
> therefore the most expensive.  Frankly, I think the 30K-4 and 30K-5 are 
> nicer rigs and they are better looking.  They are commercial versions and 
> have built-in xtal controlled exciters and two complete RF tank circuits 
> for instantaneously switching between two bands.  They are a bit more 
> common than the 30K-1s, but still quite scarce.
> I have owned my 30K-4 for several years and I love it.  I was very 
> fortunate to find it and I certainly didn't pay $4K for it, but had to 
> spend a bit of time and money to get it up and running.
> I really enjoy the old "St James Gray"  Collins gear.  Yes, it generally 
> is somewhat expensive, but it is classic equipment and was the standard 
> for quality in its day.  Collins gear is good stuff, but my motive for 
> owning it has always been the enjoyment of operating and enjoying it on 
> the air.....not just setting it on the shelf or collecting  it as an 
> investment.
> Just my two cents worth.....
> 73,  Jack, W9GT
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