[AMRadio] Can You Believe It? Johnson 500

Craig C. Heaton wd8kdg at worldnet.att.net
Sat Sep 15 09:49:09 EDT 2007

Good Morning to the AM'rs & SWLs,

I'll take a stab at the topic, the value of this Johnson 500 on epay.
Transmitters and receivers are a touchy feely thing with me. I like to
handle the merchandise. So, epay isn't where I'd purchase any transmitter or
receiver. On the other hand, watching junkson "500s" on the auction place
for the last 4 years, the $3K range seems to be just about right for a
complete working 500. 

Yes, some have gone for $1.5K or so but all the big pieces were not included
and or it was clear the 500 in question wasn't working. In the end, buyer
and the seller determine the selling price.

A Johnson 500 is my Studio A transmitter, purchased in the fall of 2004 for
less than half of the 500's price just sold on epay. Most of the big pieces
were there, it didn't work or had been on the air in maybe 15 years or so.
The swinging choke in the PS/Mod had been replaced with a piece of junk
choke, mod tranny had lots of talkback, needed recapped, missing the three
interconnecting cables, no key. As added value, some CB mods were included
in the keying circuit?????? A couple AC relays in the PS to replace DC
relays, of course this didn't work because the relays function on DC voltage
from the bias supply. You get the picture!

After two months of work, day & night, it finally made some RF. Retirement
let me spend this amount of time on the transmitter. If I were to sell it
today at $3K, good chance I'd lose money, not even considering my labor. 

EF Johnson only made 865 of these transmitters, I'm happy with mine. 


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