[AMRadio] Can You Believe It? Johnson 500

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Sep 15 10:13:57 EDT 2007

ePay is ePay.... always will be.
The e-mailing lists are a far better place to buy and sell if you 
are more patient.

I sold a nice Johnston 500 transmitter on the lists about 2 or 3
years ago for $850.00 so $1.5K seems high and anything above 
that is way more than you should have to pay even for an 
excellent one. Your smileage may vary.
> Good Morning to the AM'rs & SWLs,
> I'll take a stab at the topic, the value of this Johnson 500 on epay.
> Transmitters and receivers are a touchy feely thing with me. I like to
> handle the merchandise. So, epay isn't where I'd purchase any transmitter or
> receiver. On the other hand, watching junkson "500s" on the auction place
> for the last 4 years, the $3K range seems to be just about right for a
> complete working 500. 
> Yes, some have gone for $1.5K or so but all the big pieces were not included
> and or it was clear the 500 in question wasn't working. In the end, buyer
> and the seller determine the selling price.
> A Johnson 500 is my Studio A transmitter, purchased in the fall of 2004 for
> less than half of the 500's price just sold on epay. Most of the big pieces
> were there, it didn't work or had been on the air in maybe 15 years or so.
> The swinging choke in the PS/Mod had been replaced with a piece of junk
> choke, mod tranny had lots of talkback, needed recapped, missing the three
> interconnecting cables, no key. As added value, some CB mods were included
> in the keying circuit?????? A couple AC relays in the PS to replace DC
> relays, of course this didn't work because the relays function on DC voltage
> from the bias supply. You get the picture!
> After two months of work, day & night, it finally made some RF. Retirement
> let me spend this amount of time on the transmitter. If I were to sell it
> today at $3K, good chance I'd lose money, not even considering my labor. 
> EF Johnson only made 865 of these transmitters, I'm happy with mine. 
> 73's
> wd8kdg
> Craig
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