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Mon Sep 17 12:13:07 EDT 2007

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
> On 9/17/07, Geoff/W5OMR <ars.w5omr at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You know, Todd... your new 'position' requires you to travel (at your
>> expense) to several AM'ers around the country, now.  Snapping pictures,
>> and recording audio samples so that we might all enjoy through this
>> wonderous venue call 'The Internet' now falls into your capable hands.
> Yep, everytime I see the name 'BELTON' posted, I get envious. 

Speaking of which, 5th and 6th of October.  I guess I'll have to suffer 
through Bob/W1PE tell me how I'm not representing the North Texas guys, 
;-)  (Just kidding, Bob!)

> Been hearing about that 'fest for years, more recently the one Brian was
> discussing on the mountain top also. 

Mena!  I heard Brian/WA5AM tell this story on the air... where 
Jim/Win/W5WN had some batteries on a table, just charging them (not 
charging, as in 'for sale') but apparently someone else came by, saw the 
setup and complained to an 'event official' who came over to find out 
what the heck was going on.  Finally, Win convinced them that he indeed 
was NOT selling anything, just had setup a folding table (tables are 
handy for holding drinks, ashtrays, batteries, etc..) to charge his 
batteries.  I think he had a couple of -big- batteries, an inverter, and 
some 'small' batteries he was charging.  There might have even been a 
solar panel involved, I don't remember the exact story.  They finally 
left them alone, when they were satisfied no one was selling anything in 
the 'no-sell' zone. 

Even with that, all things considered, I've heard nothing but good 
reports from the Mena Hamfest, on Queen Willamena Mountain, in SW Arkansas.

> Went to Hamcation in Orlando in 2005, but got there on the wrong day. Been to Gaithersburg FARfest once, got there late also because of a stubborn RA-1000. The local stuff is nice bcause it's close and easy, but traveling around is a lot of fun.

I was at Dayton this past year, and so were KA1KAQ, WB3HUZ, WA3VJB and a 
plethora of other hams that I never got to see.  But, at least I can say 
that I've actually -been- to a Dayton Hamfest, once in my life.

> You can bet that once I get moved and settled (and build a baby to
> keep the wife busy)

Work, work, work.  You're making me tired with all this talk of physical 
exertion!   (*snicker*)

> I'll be making it a point to get over that way.  
> I've actually met radio folks out in the Portland/Vancouver area,
> Florida, Maryland, and around New England. It's always enjoyable to
> put faces with names/voices, and see what goodies they're hiding in
> their radio room.

Oh, dear.  I guess I'd better get busy cleaning up what I've got -now-.  
Otherwise, I'm liable to load down your vehicle with stuff you won't 
have room for to carry back! :-)

But, seriously... you're welcome to c'mon down to SOUTH Texas.  I'm sure 
the North Texas guys would welcome you, too... but I was speaking of us 
SOUTH Texans (who -do- understand power, and the consequences of 'peace 
in the neighborhood'!)


This is what's happening in the San Antonio area, in Jan of 2008;

Amateur Radio Fiesta 2008

Jan 12 San Antonio Radio Club's Amateur Radio Fiesta 2008" 8AM-2:00PM    
Previously- "San Antonio Swapfest"    
NEW location: Schertz Knights of Columbus Hall, 509 Schertz Parkway, 
Schertz TX    
*(Schertz is to San Antonio, what Garland is to Dallas)*
Admission $3 advance, $4 at the door (Free admission for children <age 
Dealer Tables $12 each Flea Market Tables $7 advance $8 at door    
Tailgate Spaces $5 each in advance $6 at door    
Extra Prize Tickets $1 each or 12 for $10    
Set up- Dealers: Friday 5PM-9PM    
Dealers, Flea Market, and Tailgate: Saturday 6:30AM - 8AM   

This is -significant- because in previous years, there was -no- 
tailgating at the prior place, the hamfest is now on the NorthEast side 
of town (easier access to Austin and points north) and prices are the 
same as they've been for the last 10 years, or so.

And, I don't know about anyone else, but it's a popular thing at Belton 
to show up Friday (noonish or so) and enjoy in some early swapping, 
comradare', bbq, pickin' and grinnin', etc... The major difference is, 
it would be a crap-shoot as far as the weather in San Antonio in 
January.  It's been as cool as 35 for a high in Jan on that Saturday, 
and as warm as 90+ degrees.  That's because there's only two types of 
people that predict the weather in South Texas... fools, and Damned 
Yankees (all those -north- of the Colorado River in Austin, TX)  ;-)

Should be a fun time, regardless.  There's no limit on hotels in the 
area, either.  Plus, bring the XYL (or Significant other) and explore 
the River Walk, The Alamo and other wonders that San Antonio is home 
to.  Keep in mind, San Antonio is the 7th (or 8th) largest Metropolitan 
area in the United States.  (and it only snows here once every 10 years, 
or so)

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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