[AMRadio] Intermittent Filament

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Tue Sep 18 10:01:30 EDT 2007

Unfortunately for me it seems the intermittent is on the inside.  All of the
pins appear to be soldered well and tight.  Thanks for the input.


Does the pins or socket contacts look like they got over heated? Any 
solder dropped out of the pins? I have read about resoldering pins but 
the plating eventually is gone so the solder won't stick. Even so too 
much heat could compromise the pin to glass seal. If that is the case of 
soldering, I would try silver soldering if you could get in there and do 
it fast with a high wattage iron.

Just what I have read online, no experience personally. If indeed that 
is the failure, make sure you run better cooling on the sockets when you 
do repair it or replace both the sockets and tubes so the contact to the 
pin is absolutely perfectly clean and super tight.


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