[AMRadio] Receivers

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Tue Sep 18 22:21:25 EDT 2007

sbjohnston at aol.com wrote:
> I'm at my ancestral home this week, and I just loaded my old RBB navy 
> battleship receiver into the car to take home for possible use as the 
> mate to my Gates BC1T transmitter on 160m AM.  82 lbs without power 
> supply!  I've got to find a manual or at least a schematic, and build 
> a power supply for it.  I'm hoping that, as a prewar receiver, it 
> won't need a bunch of parts replaced.
Steve I'll bet your assumption will be proven correct.  I had an RBB 
show up in my driveway one day years ago, and it's a fantastic 
receiver.  Other than wiring around the unobtainium plug to a Lambda 
regulated p/s I haven't touched it and the dial calibration is still 
right on the money.  I'm sure as with any receiver of this vintage, it's 
just luck.  I'll see what I have in the way of power supply wiring and 

I listen to AM on everything from S-38 to SDR, but my current favorite 
AM receiver is an HRO-50R1.   Love that full range push-pull audio and 
the PW dial.

73, Bob W9RAN

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