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N5OP and the group,

Great question................ here we use a  Collins R-390a as our 
primary rx.  In addition, I use a DRAKE 2A with the 2AQ (q-multiplier) 
and a Collins 75S-3.  The 390A has proven to be a top notch choice.  
Mine is original with only the requisite capacitor changes being made 
to ensure seamless operation otherwise.  The audio is superb, 
especially when picked off at the diode detector. The 75S-3 is stock 
and is used on 10m AM mostly. (when there are band openings)

If we jump to riceboxes, the Kenwood TS-930S-AT has a good receiver and 
isn't too shabby on transmit if band conditons, etc. are cooperative.

The 390A is still my favorite.  Paired with my DX-100, they're an 
unbeatable combo.

73 de W4MIL


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Much of the traffic here concerns transmitters. References to
receivers seem relatively sparse in comparison. With that subjective
impression as an opening, what sort of receivers are in use in the AM

Kim Elmore, N5OP


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