[AMRadio] Help with ART-13

w1zd at att.net w1zd at att.net
Wed Sep 19 00:51:26 EDT 2007

Hi to all. Maybe someone has had a similar problem and can give me a hand. My ART-13 works fine on the lower frequencies, below 6 Mcs. But above 6 Mcs, no grid drive. So, problem seems to be in the 2nd multiplier stage. I've done all the usual things, changed tubes, made resistance measurements,  from the tube socket, etc.All was within specs. Also, someone suggested maybe a leaky coupling cap between the 1st and second multipliers. So, I replaced the cap by wiring a new one into an electrically equivalent position. No joy !!   Before I attempt to remove the whole multiplier sub-assembly, does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions.  Thanks !

73,  Lock  W1ZD/7

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