[AMRadio] Receivers

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 19 07:15:01 EDT 2007

 There are two ways.  Both involve muting/switching to standby the reciever:

1.  Quick and dirty (and very old school) - switch the rciever to standby
before transmittting by hand from the front panel.

2.  For PTT-type operation - most halfway decent older receivers have a
muting line on an accessory plug on the back of the receiver.  Oftentimes
you'll see a wire bridging the two muting contacts, so you can use the
Standby switch on the front of the receiver.  Wire the muting line contacts
to a relay that's fired (and will go to Open when actuated) by the
PTT/keying line of your transmitter.  This will mute the receiver.  Oh, I
forgot to mention, some of the newer receivers will actually have a terminal
labled "Receiver Mute" on them.

The older tube receivers can take some abuse if you goof, and forget to mute
them during transmit.  But, it's not a good idea to do it all of the time,
as the receiver can end up permanently desensed.

Ellen - AF9J

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> When using a receiver and a transceiver as a transmitter how do you switch
> the antenna off of the stand alone receiver when transmitting.  I used to
> have a HQ180 that was a real good receiver with the transmitter section of
> ts 2000 but I could not share the antenna and when using a separate rx
> antenna I was always afraid of burning out something in the receiver front
> end.  I sold the hammarlund but I may buy a nc 300.  I don't know how
> receivers would compare.  The Hammarlund was real good.
> wb5oxq
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