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Lots of receivers here also.   A Collins R390A is the main AM receiver utilizing detector output to an external audio amplifier with a pair of 6L6s and a large speaker for nice audio.  Also have a National NC 240D that really sounds great on AM with its matching speaker.  A Collins 75A-1 and a 75A-2, Hallicrafters SX-28, a National NC-300, and a Hammarlund HQ-129X (doesn't everyone have one of those?)  I also have in my collection (on the shelf) a National SW54 and an old Heathkit AR-3 just like the one I had back in 1959-60.  The AR-3 has the relative sensitivity of a cardboard box, but was my first real communications receiver.  It might be interesting, however, to note that my first "ham" receiver was an old Zenith 7S363 console that I pulled the chassis out of and set on the operating table.  I utilized a another little ACDC radio along side the Zenith for BFO to copy CW by heterodyning the local oscillator in the Zenith IF.  Crude, yes...but it worked and I had a lot of fun wi
th it as a novice.  "Modern" receivers include a couple of ICOM transceivers, but they just don't have the classic sound and ambience of the boatanchor stuff.

73,  Jack, W9GT
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> >what sort of receivers are in use in the AM community? 

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