[AMRadio] Help with ART-13

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Sep 19 09:01:46 EDT 2007

Lock do you have a tube extender?  Maybe the socket has some corrosion 
and the signal is not making it through the tube?  Try cleaning the 
socket and tube pins.


> Hi to all. Maybe someone has had a similar problem and can give me a 
> hand. My ART-13 works fine on the lower frequencies, below 6 Mcs. But 
> above 6 Mcs, no grid drive. So, problem seems to be in the 2nd 
> multiplier stage. I've done all the usual things, changed tubes, made 
> resistance measurements,  from the tube socket, etc.All was within 
> specs. Also, someone suggested maybe a leaky coupling cap between the 
> 1st and second multipliers. So, I replaced the cap by wiring a new one 
> into an electrically equivalent position. No joy !!   Before I attempt 
> to remove the whole multiplier sub-assembly, does anyone have any 
> thoughts or suggestions.  Thanks !
> 73,  Lock  W1ZD/7

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