[AMRadio] RE: receiver survey

Bob Young youngbob53 at msn.com
Wed Sep 19 20:16:34 EDT 2007

I have several (hi!) which are awaiting restoration. I'll concentrate on my 
top running ones

R-390A restored by Chuck Rippel, excellent radio, very sensitive and has had 
audio mods, all around great radio

R-388 restored by Al Parker, I use this for receive with my DX-100. Another 
great radio and it is very easy to get on frequency with it and the dial is 
easier to turn than a 390A's is, it's not as sensitive however as the 
390(A's) unless I have a weak tube.

SP-600 also a great radio and again very sensitive and selective, I use this 
for BCB DXing this one has none of the drawbacks I've heard other ops 
mention, the dial is right on, it's not hard to find the frequency you're on 
and it's dial is great, if this radio were a car it would be a Cadillac.

HRO-50R1, this is in the original tall rack with speaker and all coils and 
is black wrinkle, originally came from someone who worked at National which 
was not real far from here. (Malden, MA) This radio works and looks like 
new, seems to be on par with the other two as far as performance. This is by 
far my most collectible radio. I don't think anyone ever used it for any 
great length of time, I know they guy I bought it from used it for only a 
few hours in 13 years. I am the third owner.

HRO-60T, is also a great selective sensitive receiver and sounds great. I'm 
missing a one coil for this one I believe 6M.

HQ-180, also a great radio, doesn't have the solid expensive feel of the 
SP-600 however, but holds it's own. I also have several waiting to be 
restored including 2 R390's and an R-390A, also several SP-400's and 200's. 
The older Super Pros have great audio with about 12 Watts output and a 
continuously variable filter that goes from 3Khz to 16 Khz.


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