[AMRadio] Westinghouse TBW-4 Transmitter

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Thu Sep 20 13:22:13 EDT 2007


  I put a power supply  / modulator for one a couple of years ago.

  We have'nt finished moving in yet, so it is not part of the station here in
Tampa as yet.

 small :  http://www.lakeerieba.com/images/sm_tbw.gif
 large :  http://www.lakeerieba.com/images/tbw.jpg

  Pictured next to it is a 1937 homebrew with HF300's I will get going one of
these years. Till then it makes a swell hat rack.

  The TBW is a fun rig. Lots of big tubes and front panel lights. Looks great
at night.

  The modulator is a PP 811 and ART13 mod xfmr. Driven with an old p.a. amp pp

  The power supply is solid state. This project taught me not to waste time
with 866's!

  The only mod to the xmtr was adding a Zener a screen grid one of the 837s.
  I used banana jacks for the connectors and wired the jacks to a plug I had
around here. So the original plugs are still in the base.

  803's are still very cheap. 837's about the same.

  Coupled the tx with a BC779 rx and use a BC221 to check freq.

  The tuner is very agile, and can couple right into a 50 ohm load no sweat.

  Built in TR relay.

  IMHO I would not try to make this thing work CW unless you used the origial
configuration and had that giant relay in there key and unkey everything.

  Lots of fun , but man does the complete set up take a lot of space! But truly
some old buzzard radio.

  de KA4JVY

--- DOXEMF at aol.com wrote:

>  Hello,
>   Has anyone gotten one of these well built transmitters on the air? HF unit
> is CAY-52239 3000kc to 18.100 and the IF unit is CAY-52119 350kc to 1000kc
> with the power supply CAY-20084 operating at 120vac 800 cy.     
>  These use a suppressor modulated 803 at 2kv.
>  I am looking for any manuals, conversion info, and especially the power
> supply section to complete the set.
>  TIA,
> Bill,
> KB3DKS/1    
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