[AMRadio] Are there commercial made amps that operate better for

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Fri Sep 21 00:10:56 EDT 2007

I've owned a bunch. IMHO, best overall, but a little pricey, is Alpha 76PA (three holer). 

Best price performer - AL-80 (A or B). Good stiff power supply, almost 3 KV. Single 3-500Z - Readily available & not so expensive. Puts out 250 watts carrier with about 12 watts drive with no strain. Covers 160 thru 10. To go to amp capable of max legal limit for AM ( 375 watts carrier output), will only get you about 1.5 db over 250 watts output..

If you don't want 160, SB220 is great.

You are going to get a ton of opinions.


Ernie, k0occ 
Atlanta, GA

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From: John <razorback_fan1999 at yahoo.com> 

> Before I get to my topic I just wanted to say that I 
> really enjoyed the Receiver subject the past few days. 
> I see old radio's here and there that I'm scared to 
> invest in because they may be a piece of junk or too 
> far gone to restore. I tried to make a list of some of 
> the receivers and transmitters listed the past few 
> days. I enjoy this group alot. I envy those of you 
> that have a good Elmer close by to enjoy 
> this aspect of amatuer radio with. Anyway on to my 
> question. I heard that some of the commercially made 
> Amps don't do so hot for AM operation. Are there some 
> that are made that are better than others for use on 
> AM and which ones to avoid. Any suggestions. 
> John / W5HG 
> Lepanto, Arthis 
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