[AMRadio] Globe Scout 65A Question

gwt gwt at mpinet.com
Fri Sep 21 11:00:13 EDT 2007

Good morning AMRadio members,
I've been lurking on the AM list for a number of years, but have not 
been active on AM in quite a while. However I've become interested in 
getting back on AM this winter. Primarily on 160 and 80m.
I've recently acquired a Globe Scout 65A and am having some difficulties 
it to load properly. I've never owned a WRL transmitter before so I've 
no previous knowledge to draw on.
Here's my problem:
According to the manual it should load properly into 50 ohm antennas. I 
have three coaxial fed antennas for 160m and 80m. But none of the 
antennas will load normally. In all cases, the best I can get is about 
15 watts of output. And that is with the loading control set at minimum. 
In fact the loading control setting makes no difference, from minimum to 
maximum. I get a good plate dip, but only about 40 mills on 160 or 80m. 
That's less than half the current the manual says I should be able to 
get.My antennas all display an swr of 1.5 to 1 or lower. Two of the 
antennas are inverted V's using a balm into 50 ohn coax feed. The other is
a 160m vertical "t" configuration with a matching network at the feed point.

I also have a 285 ft long wire. So I attached it to the 65A. And it 
loaded up fine, per the loading instructions in the manual, at 130ma 
plate current.
My question is:  Why does it load normally into the long wire, but not 
into my three
50 ohm coax fed antennas? The manual indicates it should, but it won't. 
The antenna
loading network does not seem to like the 50 ohm antennas for some reason.
I'm baffled by this problem?
I would appreciate any comments / suggestions about how to cure this 
George KE4HJ

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