[AMRadio] Receivers

Joe Romero kc5mip at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 21:59:56 EDT 2007

--- John Coleman <jc at pctechref.com> wrote:

> 	Nobody here mentioned using a home brewed receiver or an HF to BC
> converter even.  I know that Chuck in Midland TX is using a totally
> HB
> receiver, and a very fine one at that, with lots of modern
> features.	
> 	The Best receiver I ever used was a car radio from a 1955 dodge. 
> It
> was the radio that had the separate vibropack and audio output
> section from
> the main receiver.  I did not use the audio output and power supply
> but
> instead built a power supply and audio section on a rack chassis
> and then
> mounted the radio in the front panel of the rack chassis. Also
> built into
> the rack chassis was an 80/40 mtr converter and a BFO with
> adjustable
> insertion.  At the time it was a fantastic RCVR.  I have often
> though of
> doing it again with more modern additions.  
> John, WA5BXO  
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> Yogie Wrote>>  Those where the good old days. I like the best radio
ofr A.M. is the SP-600 never had any problems picking up anyone with
that radio.

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