[AMRadio] Westinghouse TBW-4 Transmitter

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Mon Sep 24 11:52:15 EDT 2007

 Mark Foltarz writes:

>  I put a power supply  / modulator for one a couple of years ago.>

  This may be the time to rebuild the Meissner 150B final supply and modulator decks
that I have since the odds of finding the original RF section seem poor.
  It's pretty much the same as what you did. PP 811s with it's own supply and the seperate final supply that I can put a pair of solid state 866 replacements in.
  Still intend on using a set of GP7 TU's with the Meissner decks as well.

 It's a shame that in the 60's I had the 800cy supply, didn't know what to do with it and just scrapped it for the parts. Still have a few pieces but most of it vanished over the years and many moves.

>  I used banana jacks for the connectors and wired the jacks to a plug I had
>around here. So the original plugs are still in the base.

  Yep, doing the same here. Want to keep things as original as possible.

>  803's are still very cheap. 837's about the same.

 I have 803s, 837s, and 813s, really like the 8XX series tubes so might convert the TBW to an 813 to better utilize the lower HT of the Meissner supply. Besides more power out and forget about the suppressor modulation of the 803.

>  The tuner is very agile, and can couple right into a 50 ohm load no sweat.

  I wonder about the stability of this MO but can always couple in an external VFO and avoid the doubler stage if necessary. The roller inductors are the best I have ever seen and far under rated. No external tuner needed.
>  Built in TR relay.

  And it is quite the relay !! but works on 12V dc so easy to integrate into the station control.

>  Lots of fun , but man does the complete set up take a lot of space! But truly
>some old buzzard radio.

  Actually the transmitter by itself will fit nicely in a corner of my shack and really not take up much room. Now the modulator and plate supply are another story but those will fit on 2 19" rack trays in a 24" high rack.

 Thanks for the info,

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