[AMRadio] Johnson Valiant RF Plate Choke

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Tue Sep 25 13:53:17 EDT 2007

On 9/25/07, Ed Sieb <esieb at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> Sounds like a National R-175A.  I'm certain one of our list memebers will
> have one.
> If no one offers one, let me know; I have a box full.
> Ed, VA3ES

I don't think it's physically the same size as the R-175A, however I
think the 175A would do just fine.  The one in the Valiant is larger
(taller).  I think Peter Dahl also has some good plate chokes that
would work too, unless you want to get an original.

73 - Brian

"Money is only temporary, radios are forever" - Jim Little aka "the
old dawg"/K5BAI

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