[AMRadio] NC-183D Alignment questions help

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Wed Sep 26 08:10:59 EDT 2007


I found on a National RX one time that the oscillator was on the 
wrong side.  If it should be high, it was low or visa versa.  Be sure 
that is not your case as that will make tracking impossible.


At 01:03 AM 9/26/2007, you wrote:
>I have a pristine NC-183D I picked up a year ago that I am finally 
>getting around to.  Have replaced all the electrolytics and sound 
>really good. BUT...I cannot get it to track properly as I follow the 
>alignment instructions in the manual.  I can set the top frequency 
>on each band with a small trimmer cap (this is the oscillator coil 
>adjustment) but then according to the instruction manual you adjust 
>the low end of the dial by moving a wire inside an inductor, which 
>does move the lower frequency but not nearly enough to get to the 
>frequency they say you should see.  Has anyone else had that problem 
>during alignment of this receiver, or am I missing something.  Have 
>checked the voltages at the first and second converter and they seem 
>fine and have pulled off the mica cap across one of the oscillator 
>coils  (1.8 to 5 Mhz) and it checked just fine (supposed to be 1600 
>pf and reads 1615 pf).  And have substituted a different 6BE6 in the 
>first converter and still can't get close to proper or accurate dial 
>tracking.  I am 500+ Khz off no matter what I have tried.  And 
>thoughts on this one!  Thanks.  Van, K7VS
>PS  I would like to hear from NC-183D owners that may have 
>experienced this problem or have some thoughts about what I am seeing.  tnx
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