[AMRadio] NC-183D Alignment questions help

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Wed Sep 26 09:04:05 EDT 2007

Good Luck Van

I tried the same thing for several months and finally sold the 183D.  It is 
simply an awful design and one of the worst alignment tasks I ever 


Ron  W6OM

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>I have a pristine NC-183D I picked up a year ago that I am finally getting 
>around to.  Have replaced all the electrolytics and sound really good. 
>BUT...I cannot get it to track properly as I follow the alignment 
>instructions in the manual.  I can set the top frequency on each band with 
>a small trimmer cap (this is the oscillator coil adjustment) but then 
>according to the instruction manual you adjust the low end of the dial by 
>moving a wire inside an inductor, which does move the lower frequency but 
>not nearly enough to get to the frequency they say you should see.  Has 
>anyone else had that problem during alignment of this receiver, or am I 
>missing something.  Have checked the voltages at the first and second 
>converter and they seem fine and have pulled off the mica cap across one of 
>the oscillator coils  (1.8 to 5 Mhz) and it checked just fine (supposed to 
>be 1600 pf and reads 1615 pf).  And have substituted a different 6BE6 in 
>the first converter and still can't get close to proper or accurate dial 
>tracking.  I am 500+ Khz off no matter what I have tried.  And thoughts on 
>this one!  Thanks.  Van, K7VS
> PS  I would like to hear from NC-183D owners that may have experienced 
> this problem or have some thoughts about what I am seeing.  tnx
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