[AMRadio] NC-183D Alignment questions help

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Sep 26 09:50:17 EDT 2007

Van this is a problem with the 183D.  I suspect the heat generated in 
the closed cabinet has an effect on the inductance of the coils.  They 
are made of what looks like cardboard dipped in varnish and I had a 
couple of the IF transformers that were warped to actually bind the 
slugs enough that when I tried to move them the screw pulled out of the 

If the inductance of the oscillator coils has changed then it is a real 
problem.  Do be sure the trimmer caps are on the correct side of the 
curve as Larry mentions.   It is difficult, but as you tune through the 
peak, on one side the increase will be a bit slower than the other side 
of the peak.  It will rise slowly then fall rapidly or the reverse.  You 
want on the slow side and not past it.

I managed to get mine fairly close by cleaning the contacts of the 
tuning capacitor and on a couple of the oscillator coils the wire is at 
very maximum inductance, but the dial is close.  Good luck and have fun. 
Great receiver when is works properly.



> Hi,
> I found on a National RX one time that the oscillator was on the wrong 
> side.  If it should be high, it was low or visa versa.  Be sure that 
> is not your case as that will make tracking impossible.
> Larry
> W3LW
> At 01:03 AM 9/26/2007,
>>I have a pristine NC-183D I picked up a year ago that I am finally 
>>getting around to.  Have replaced all the electrolytics and sound 
>>really good. BUT...I cannot get it to track properly as I follow the 
>>alignment instructions in the manual. 

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