[AMRadio] ref responses to my NC-183D query

Van K7VS wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Thu Sep 27 13:40:16 EDT 2007

I just want to thank everyone who took time to send me their suggestion on 
my tracking issues with the NC-183D.  All of them were constructive but for 
the time being am just going to use the receiver and not worry about the 
frequency readout.   I am going to replace the present setup (75A4/32V3) 
with Globe King 500A restoration project and the NC-183D....pretty pretty! 
For the time being.  The comment from one fellow who said he had the same 
experience and after several months of fiddling with the receiver he just 
sold it!  Brought a laugh.  Thanks again everyone.  I haven't given up and 
will get back to it and am saving all the responses.    Van, K7VS 

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