[AMRadio] Contest signal reports

Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Sun Sep 30 15:53:08 EDT 2007

I have yet to get seriously interested in contesting.  If I cannot have at 
least a simple conversation with another ham and exchange more than a signal 
report with him who cares! If you ask me for a report I will tell you 
exactly what I hear not necessarily what my s meter says.  I have been a ham 
since 1974, not long as many of you, but I got into ham radio for fun and to 
meet people many of whom I will never see.  I go to a few ham fests where I 
sometimes put a face with a voice on the air and that is fun also.  I also 
answer all cq's I hear unless it is just for a contest and I rarely answer 
those except on field day.  I know some things about radios but I have never 
designed one.  I do repair them and I work at a 2 way shop.  I am sorry but 
contesting has never been fun to me and I seriously doubt it has bought a 
slice of bread for anyone's meal.  If ham radio cannot be fun I will find 
something else to spend my spare time on.  I love AM because of the quality 
of the sound and the quality of most hams I find there!  I hope to meet some 
of you at Belton next weekend.  73, Jim Miller WB5OXQ and XYL Ella KA5EPM 
Waco, Texas. 

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