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Sun Sep 30 17:59:18 EDT 2007

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> I am not a quarmtester, but sometimes I will work a few stations,
> particularly in daylight hours during a 160m cw qrmtest.  The challenge is
> to see what kind of signal might make it across unusual distances during
> day, and I don't bother to keep score and usually not even a log.
> But I always give honest signal reports.  To me, this business of
> automatically giving everyone a 599 report is ridiculous, and defeats the
> whole purpose.  IMO, an operator who has to ask for several repeats to get
> the essential information, and then gives a 599 report is a LID!
> And the same goes for the automatic "five-nines" on  slopbucket.  If they
> want my contact, they will have to tolerate my carrier and a real signal
> report.
> Don k4kyv

I see from a quick reveiw of this thread, that things are going on too long
in this thread, but just a quickie - I hate the signal reports required as a
part of many contest exchanges.  I've complained for years that they're lame
and absoloutly meaningless (especially receiving a 59 or 599 after umpteen
repeats of information).  Replace them with something like the operator's
name, or power class, etc.  Anything but that stupid 59 or 599. But,
whenever I bring it up, all I get is some pathetic argument about how the
RST is a "tradition" in the contest.  Ugh!  OK, enough said by me.  This
thread is going on way too long.


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