[AMRadio] Carrier Current Transmission (was WestinghouseTest

Robert A. Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Sun Apr 13 11:34:50 EDT 2008

Some of the older guys here have told me about using carrier current during
that time.

And some bootleg operation on 5 meters.

Also if I remember correctly in England they had an "no antenna" class of
There was a specific prefix for them .... G3 maybe?

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WestinghouseTest Meter Unit Type TCT)

spend much time on the exam prep. But, in the course of my visit, he
related to me that during WWII (for whatever reason, we was not in
the military during the war) he recalled that hams would do odd
things, such as send LF signals down railroad tracks and power lines,
essentially trying to make QSOs with other hams doing the same. He
seemed to indicate that it was mainly CW and if he went into details
about how it was done, I don't recall them.

Has anyone else ever heard similar stories?

Kim Elmore N5OP


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