[AMRadio] carrier current transmissions

charles whitesmith mishlax at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 13 12:56:05 EDT 2008

Interesting info on Powerline transmissions by Utility companies,I was CE at Ole Miss  college station WCBH in 60's using carrier currrent  and we  ran pair of 814's into coax which fed individual  coupling units for each building feeding the 220  vac entrance  line .The  buildings leaked radiated signal  which was adequate to receive on car  radios  all over campus.FCC engineers  seemed to like our operation as never wrote us a ticket.We were on the air during the somewhat famous integration riots  in which we had a sniper firing from a hide on our roof,and a French newsman asassinated  just  outside our doorsteps.

I have often wondered if it would be feasible  to utilize  long HV  electricic transmission lines as radiating  horizontal "long wire" antennas for medium or even high power commercial AM band  broadcasting.Must be experimental data on this somewhere. 73, C.W

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