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Sun Apr 13 13:06:15 EDT 2008

Greetings all: I have spent considerable time operating "carrier current" of
various kinds over the years. I studied all of the old QST articles about the
subject and duplicated quite a few of the subjects. Most of them were for AM
Phone operation. (there was a lot of incidental FM also and FM  
performed better
than AM in the presence of noise, which there was always on the power lines.

Carrier current on rails sometimes surprised me when I heard signals other
than my buddies on the far end. I used the old Virginian Railroad rails and
the tracks were alive with AC and its harmonics. The Virginian ran electric,
steam and diesel, all at the same time (1955).

Carrier current on telephone lines was also interesting as many lines  
already had
carrier current on the lines so the company could double up on the use  
of lines et.

WE used carrier current at about 560 KHZ on the AC Lines for entertainment at
Geiger Field, WN.  Callsign was KGF. The FCC was aware of our  
operation and even
issued a "License". The transmitter was a brand new AN/ARC-5, real Hi Fi.

My main interest in carrier current may be traced to a class I took in  
Vocational High School (blue collar traing)where we learned the theory  
and operation of a GE FM transmitter/receiver which used the tracks in  
a coal mine
to communicate instructions. They worked great.

Sorry for the BW. 73, Charlie, K0NG

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