[AMRadio] Re: Collins 20V 1KW AM TX

Pete Zilliox zilassoc at la.twcbc.com
Thu Apr 17 11:59:06 EDT 2008

I can't practically have a 1200 pound 1KW AM Broadcast Transmitter here
in CA. So, I am not moving the 20V from Texas to CA. I'm putting it up
for sale for pick up in Dallas. The 20V is tuned to 75 meters. It has
a Digital VFO mounted inside, a High Power internal TX/RX Antenna
Relay, 12 VDC PTT circuitry, 12 VDC low voltage power supply for VFO
and PTT circuits, a Collins 1KW RF Power meter instead of the RF
Ammeter, a 20V-2 modulator chassis, a 20V-2 upgraded low voltage power
supply and HV rectifier, a 20V-2 chain drive TUNE and LOAD Control,
spare HV rectifier tubes, and a dolly to sit on. All it needs is a
Line Level audio feed, antenna, and a receiver. It has been given a
complete body shop make over and the paint and cabinet are perfect. I
have $3700 in it. I also have a 212F-1 audio console I can be talked
out of, if and ony if, you buy the 20V. You can see pictures at
http://zilliox.net/20V  Note: some people had to manually type this web 
into their browser to see the pictures.
You can contact me on my cellular: (214) 212-0979 or email.

Pete Zilliox,  K5PZ/6 

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