[AMRadio] Anonymous QST Author suggests that Part 97 requires

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I wonder if the writer of the original considered this "usual approach" of
300-2.7 Kc  most likely came about from the practice of using the same
filter to select the sideband in the exciter and defining the IF bandwidth
of the receiver.

Rather than on any real spectrum efficiency considerations.

As the the 30 Kc wide AM signals.... probably another case of the relatively
poor design of the "modern" receiver.
I'll keep using my good old Collins receivers.....

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From: "rev. don" <w4bws at comcast.net>
> > high frequency hearing".  He goes on to allege that an AM signal
> > "a bit more spectrum" than two SSB signals, based on the notion that
> > is no need to transmit audio frequency components of the voice that fall
> > below 300 Hz, and that the "usual approach" with SSB is to transmit
> > frequencies from 300 to 2700 Hz.

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