[AMRadio] Anonymous QST Author suggests that Part 97

Joe Crawford crawfish at surfmore.net
Fri Apr 18 10:13:11 EDT 2008

Don K4KYV hasn't been back on the forum, so I will say that he has a 3400 Hz 
filter in his audio chain that has a sharp cutoff right at 3400. He bought 
it from a surplus dealer in D.C. in the '70's for $5.00 or so. He commented 
on here that he wish he has bought all the guy had, because they are 
unobtainable now.
                                            Joe W4AAB
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>I wonder if the writer of the original considered this "usual approach" of
> 300-2.7 Kc  most likely came about from the practice of using the same
> filter to select the sideband in the exciter and defining the IF bandwidth
> of the receiver.
> Rather than on any real spectrum efficiency considerations.
> As the the 30 Kc wide AM signals.... probably another case of the 
> relatively
> poor design of the "modern" receiver.
> I'll keep using my good old Collins receivers.....
> Robert A. Poff
> Loganville, PA.
> S/V Loon
> 1983 Hunter 34
> Havre de Grace, MD
> "Lieutenant, target the offending power boat and launch photon torpedoes"
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> From: "rev. don" <w4bws at comcast.net>
>> > high frequency hearing".  He goes on to allege that an AM signal
> occupies
>> > "a bit more spectrum" than two SSB signals, based on the notion that
> there
>> > is no need to transmit audio frequency components of the voice that 
>> > fall
>> > below 300 Hz, and that the "usual approach" with SSB is to transmit
>> > frequencies from 300 to 2700 Hz.
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