[AMRadio] Getting on the Air - May 2008 QST

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Mon Apr 21 07:17:51 EDT 2008

Hi Joe,

I echo those sentiments here...

QST ceased to be desirable (never-mind "collectable"!) when the geniuses in
Connecticut decided to "gut" the magazine by publishing THE NATIONAL CONTEST
JOURNAL, and QEX, right alongside it.

What'd that do to QST...? It became a mere shadow of its former, great self,

Just what exactly is it anymore, anyway...? Little more than a
touchy-feely-warm-and-fuzzy tome, that each month shows some new 8 year old
seated in front of a synthesized transceiver, and page after page of ads. I
get more out of ONE SINGLE "small-format" QST, than I do out of a whole half
year's worth of them to-day...

QST, R.I.P.!

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> The "Getting On The Air" column by W1ZR.  Vacuum tube based equipment
> is far too dangerous to consider for a first rig,  and building your
> own equipment apparently isn't even a consideration any longer.  If it
> uses tubes, GASP!  High Voltage!  We can't have any of that!   Also,
> avoid gear older than 8 years, because you might not be able to get it
> repaired.  I hang my head in shame over what has happened to this once
> great hobby where people were somewhat technically competent.  Those
> that lacked technical skills at least learned a bit of theory to at
> least have a basic understanding of the operation of their equipment.
> At 44 years old, I'm a relative youngster in ham radio.  I build and
> restore vacuum tube equipment.  I also play the guitar.  The electric
> guitar fraternity seems to embrace homebrewing far more than the
> amateur community does today.  Most good guitar amp designs are still
> vacuum tube based, including modern designs.  People regularly modify
> their amps or build clone designs.  Yes, high voltage.  You learn the
> proper precautions.  Seems rather funny that a musician might be more
> apt to work with electronics than a ham radio operator.
> Modern electronics is too complicated, tubes are too dangerous - it's
> no wonder that electronics isn't even taught any longer throughout
> most of the school system.
> I'm really beginning to question why I continue to support the ARRL.
> At first when I saw the cover of this issue, I had thought there would
> be all these neat projects from the Homebrewer's Challenge.  Needless
> to say, I was disappointed.  I used to treasure QST.  While I still
> save all my issues, I'm beginning to wonder why.  It certainly isn't
> the technical journal it once was.
> 73,
> Joe, N6DGY
> Pleasant Grove, UT
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