[AMRadio] Re: Getting on the Air - May 2008 QST

Jim Tonne tonne at comcast.net
Mon Apr 21 12:34:12 EDT 2008

About the May 2008 QST text . . .

If things keep going the way they are, the ARRL Handbook
and its accompanying CD might very well degenerate into a

Go to a given chapter and instead of finding text and explanatory
material you will instead find a listing of manufacturers, telephone
numbers, addresses and the like.  

This would save an enormous amount of paper.  The treehuggers
would be happy.

But I have a hunch that is not the way it will go.  I would instead
hope that we merely have an opinion by a few (misguided and
perhaps incompetent) souls who are out of step with the "real"
ham radio fellows.  I put in a lot of work on Chapter 12 of the
2008 ARRL HB and I doubt it would have been accepted if the
real long-term goal of the ARRL was to get folks to switch to 
store-bought stuff.  

I think we have a hobby with an extremely broad spectrum of
members,. from plug-n-play up to designers of state-of-the-art
stuff.  But as Paul / VJB nicely stated, it is wrong to encourage
buying when so much more fun can be had by building.

- Jim WB6BLD

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