[AMRadio] Getting on the Air - May 2008 QST

john w9jcm at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 21 15:21:02 EDT 2008

Lets face it there is a big group of people that are "appliance" 
operators now I do love the new equipment but I also love the old stuff 
IE tubes.
But there is just so many uninformed people out there now making 
accusations and having one sided beliefs that it just throws some over 
the edge. And they are the ones
that are bad for the hobby. IE a rather large following at the ARRL with 
this whole AM bandwidth garbage they spew. I left the so called 
organization a few years ago when they were all over
the guys operating ESSB or even Mid FI side band (within 3K). Some were 
pissy because you liked to run a full bandwidth at 3K Eqing up some freq 
under 200 hz. I recently joined up this year and now regret doing so 
after reading the garbage some are muttering about AM operations and 
owning old gear. Its just not who I want representing me as a radio 
amateur. And the reviews of products WOW I could go on for pages about 
that. Lets just say when was the last time you saw them say this is not 
a good product in our testing? Its all the dollar and politics enough 

So to those of us who play with tube radios, broadcast transmitters and 
the new stuff kudos to you keep the old stuff running thats for sure. 
Just restored a Hammarlund HQ 129X that I sold to a gentleman in the 
midwest and will continue to operate the AM mode of emission with Tube 
Type rigs and Solid state type rigs. And lastly I will not be renewing 
my ARRL "subscription" (notice not membership lol). 

D. Chester wrote:
>> From: Joseph Bento <n6dgy at kirtland.com>
>> The "Getting On The Air" column by W1ZR.  Vacuum tube based equipment
>> is far too dangerous to consider for a first rig,  and building your
>> own equipment apparently isn't even a consideration any longer.
> My sentiments exactly.
>> Modern electronics is too complicated, tubes are too dangerous - it's
>> no wonder that electronics isn't even taught any longer throughout
>> most of the school system.
> Plus, they would probably classify the soldering guns in the lab as 
> prohibited weapons under the "zero-tolerance" policy.
>> I'm really beginning to question why I continue to support the ARRL.
>> At first when I saw the cover of this issue, I had thought there would
>> be all these neat projects from the Homebrewer's Challenge.  Needless
>> to say, I was disappointed.  I used to treasure QST.  While I still
>> save all my issues, I'm beginning to wonder why.  It certainly isn't
>> the technical journal it once was.
> Good, in-depth technical articles were taken out of QST years ago and 
> put into separate publication called QEX, that even full members must 
> pay extra for.  In QST, real technical articles have been replaced 
> with a lot of "getting started in radio" stuff that was once assumed 
> one would already know by the time one obtained an entry-level 
> licence, plus all the nauseating "human interest" drivel.
> Don k4kyv
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